Our Tendency alone has used Marx’s method to analyse the current contradictions of capitalism to show we are in a “new historical period “. Join us .

Open Letter Revolutionary Unity – Workers and oppressed unite!


For Socialist Revolution.

“The newly formed Aotearoa/New Zealand section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) is proud to offer this program to the advanced workers and oppressed people here. The continued onslaught of capitalism continues, only because the working class here lacks a revolutionary leadership with the continuity to drive forward the demands facing the proletariat.

This document is a combat document, forged in the furnaces of dedicated revolutionary struggles internationally the RCIT views this document as a clarion call to all militant workers and those people sick of the jackboot of capitalism and imperialism to join our tendency. To advance transitional demands here in the class struggle to build a vanguard of the workers here and to build a 5th revolutionary International for socialism.”